Interview with Mr. Valentino Giacomin
  Alice Project Schools : Report about the Chakma Project
The batch of new chakma students with Mr. Masum Chakma The journey was beginning on 21th January 2023 from Sarnath to Koikila (Arunachal Pradesh). The project was to teach spiritual teachings to the villagers and literacy classes for the woman and the child. We took with us one Laptop, one conference...
Alice Project News- October 2023
Dear Alice Friends,Welcome to the journey of the Alice in the wonderland of India in 2023. This is the first newsletter of this year and therefore we have tried to cover up all the events happened till now. Alice & teachings of HH Dalai Lama:The newly arrived chakma students, some teachers and...
The Alice Project News - November 2022
Dear Alice Friends, Once again we are ready to bring you on the journey of the Alice Project with this newsletter. In our last edition you have been updated with all the activities that had happened in the months of September. Now we will move on.   The new chakma students ‘Andrea’s Family: The administration...
Alice Project News- August- September 2022
Dear Friends We are ready with the new edition of ‘The Alice Project News’. In the last edition of our newsletter, we had updated you about the events that had happened till April, now we will go on. Summer Holidays and experimental classes: The month of May and June were of summer holidays. But...
Alice Project News- January to July 2022
 Dear Friends of Alice, This will be the first newsletter of the year 2022.  In our last edition of the Alice Project news, we updated you about all the activities happened in the last year. Now let us bring you further on this journey. The arrival of Lama Kelsang la and Christmas: The...
Alice Project News: Jan-Dec 2021
After a long gap once again we are ready with the latest edition of the Alice Project News cum Christmas Letter 2021. In our last edition we shared news about all the activities happened at Alice schools in 2020. In this edition we will talk about the activities of this year from January to December...
Alice Project News - April – July 2020
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