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We are very happy to inform all our Alice’s Friends that the students of class X got excellent marks at State exams. All of them have passed with First Division. Same for the students of class XII, 90 per cent got First Division, only 2 got second Division. The rest got First Division with honor. This shows that there is no reason to complain about our method, number of students in each class, quality of instruction (I am not writing “education”). In spite of the time dedicated to yoga, meditation… our students are among the best. This is to assure that Alice Project is not thinking only about … the nature of the mind, but is also caring for the … nature of academic results!

Students of Alice Project During the morning assembly, lessons and at the free time


On the 8th of June Sanskrit exams were completed. Since last 6 years both our schools Sarnath and Bodhgaya got the authorization to become examination centers. About 300 students from the classes IX to BA (Graduation level) have been examined.
The Vice Chancellor of the Sanskrit university of Benaras (Sampurnand Sanskrit Vishwvidyalaya) came for a sudden inspection at our school during the exams, and when he saw our school, he was so impressed by the atmosphere of the school and by seeing our students during the exams he was very inspired and praised for our efforts and all the good work which we are doing to uplift this ancient language. He said that we have a bright future as a Sanskrit college.

Students and the teachers of Sarvbhaumik Shikshasharam Sanskrit Mahavidyala during the exams

AFFILIATION OF CLASS X – Now we are “Universal Education Higher Secondary School”. The school which that recognized by the Sanskrit University as an examination center has now got recognition from the Uttar Pradesh government also. Now we have authorization to enroll students and make exams for class X at our school. The Universal Education School- Alice Project is now Universal Education Higher Secondary school.

The administrator of Education Department, the schools secretary and the principal of the school during the inspection

By V. giacomin

Can you see the boy standing on the left side of the photo, behind a girl? He has an incredible story to tell. A very sad story, with a happy end. I have asked him to write his story. He has done this for eight years… “It’s too painful” he told me to justify his delay… Now he is going to get a University degree from Yoga University in Bangalore. Now it is up to him to continue the story. I have just introduced him.


“I remember the day when I was told that now I can see the world outside of the bars of the Ramnagar Juvenile house. It was like a dream came true. I was not able to understand what to say, how I could express my feelings. My heart was too short to fill this emotion of joy and happiness. Then I was brought here at Alice Project School. I was enrolled in class V. I was a bit older than other students of my class, so at the beginning I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but my teachers and classmates were very helpful to me and soon I could set myself in their group. I studied here till class XII , now I am doing my BSc. in Yoga. This is a course for becoming a Yoga teacher. I have successfully completed my studies of two years, I would like to complete this course as soon as possible and apply for my master’s degree. Then I want to become a Yoga teacher and help all my brothers and sisters of my school (The Alice Project), where I got everything…… Sanjay Kumar

SANJAY KUMAR- AN ALICE PROJECT TEACEHR – after 18 months spending in Manjushri Educational project c/o  Padmasambhava temple, Nepal.                     

Sanjay Kumar has recently arrived from Nepal, spending 18 months working as the manager a hostel runby Manjushri educational project under the sponsorship of Padmasambhava temple, Pharping, Nepal. Sanjay says that his children are missing him dearly. They call him almost every day asking him when is going to be back. He said that the students have changed a lot. When he started working with them, it was very hard for him to work, as these children were of different age and all they had a different back grounds. Mainly they had the problem in concentration, they were not able to stay quiet and calm. But now 18 months he has worked with them , they are more concentrated and aware. And they achieved very positive results.



The first batch of Mompa kids at our hostel when they came (on the left), same students now in the school uniform

The Monpa project began with two brothers Bhoom Dorje and Lobsan Dakpa. “We arrived here in February 2006, I was 12 years old and my brother was 5.”,says Bhoom. After an year (2007)a group of 8 Monpa students (4 boys and 4 girls – 4 to 8 years old)was accepted at the Alice Project by the effort of a Buddhist scholar at the Tibetan University. Later on after 2 years (May 2009) due to financial problems we could not go on with the group and only one of them the oldest student Bhoom remain here.
In the year 2011, when Alice Project became financially more secure, decided to accept 4 of the same group. At the end of 2012 – 3 more girls were accepted again in the school hostel after many requests of the Buddhist scholar. Now ,In 9 June 2014 a group of another four Monpa girls was accepted in the Alice Project hostel. Now we have 12 Monpa students, who are staying at the Alice project hostel. The school is fully responsible for them.


image017Some of our residential Chakma students went to their village for the summer vacations after the annual exams. They spent about one and a half month there and then they came back here. “We missed our school a lot while we were there.” Says Sukrodhan Chakma, one of the students who went back home. “I was very excited to come back here.” Says the other one. “Our parents were very happy to see us. They were very thankful to Alice Project School, which is taking care of us so nicely. On seeing us they told us that we are very fortunate to have this golden chance to stay here they could never take care of us as the Alice Project does. We thank our beloved Bau (Mr. Valentino)!” NINE YEARS AT ALICE- THANK YOU BAU (A letter from the senior Mompa studen- Boom) 21 Feb 2015, was the end of my 9th year staying at Alice Project Universal Education School It was on 21 of Feb in the year 2006, for a great opportunity for my brother Lobsang Dakpa and me, that we met a very kind and humble person in his peaceful room at Alice which was sheltered by tin sheets and straws. He was a well experienced person of the world who appeared to be very ordinary but having extraordinary qualities. He titillated my hairs on head and my face and gently kissed on my chick which made me feel embarrassing, for it was for the first time familiarity in my life. But, it was very particular for me. The person was not any other but the director & founder Mr. Valentino Giacomin, to whom then we began to call him ‘BAU’ with love, imitating our seniors doing so. Today, when I bring to mind my school days at Alice, I discover a sort of contentment within my heart.

I am grown up as a student at Alice.

I am still being nourished by Alice.

I am still being cared & loved by Alice.

And of course, Alice is my family.

And I still love Alice. No matter for sometimes

I get frustrated and suffer because of my

Own personal matters and future.

I am fortunate to be at Alice.

Many Thanks!!

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