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Retreat of Mr. Valentino:  We would like to share that Mr. Valentino is doing a special retreat called Nuy Ne in France.  It will last for seven months. The purpose of the practice is: of course the personal benefit but the reason which is higher than his personal benefit is for the Alice Project to remove obstacles and interference. It was a pleasure for him to meet Father Titiano, who personally went there to meet him. Here is what he says after meeting him:


Valentino meeting Father Tiziano(a jesuit priest) and Ilaria Gambino (Co-ordinator Alice Proect)

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of receiving a visit from father Tiziano Tamussi, a priest from “I Ricostruttori nella Preghiera“.” Father Tiziano came to visit the schools of Sarnathand Bodhgaya two years ago. Students welcomed him with a lot of sympathy and admiration for his simplicity, his humility and, especially, for his guitar with which he taught some songs to our students.”

Good luck ceremony for the students of class X and XII: On 4th March the school organized a farewell  for the students of class X and XII. Actually instead of saying a farewell ceremony, we call it the good luck ceremony. Because we believe that there is never a farewell for a student form his/her school. The students are always welcome to the school and they will find us welcoming them with open hands and open hearts. Children thanked the school and the teachers with nice songs and poems for all they received from us. Some of them shared their experiences as well.


Different moments of the ceremony and the group of students with the class teacher

This is what our students say about us:   “We will always miss Alice Project School and all

our teachers”- Sanjay Kumar.

“Today we are not just leaving our school but I feel as if I was leaving my own home. I do not know how the world will be after this… I request all my teachers, who are as our guardians not only teacher,to bless us so that wherever we go in the world people know us not by our name but with the name of  Alice . Once again thank you for all.”-  Rahul Singh

“We will never forget this school. We thank all the teachers and staff of our school, who always helped us and supported us.” – says Manoj Patel

Examination at the school :




Dear friends, what do you think of this picture? Actually there is a very short story behind it. On   31st    of   March   the   results   were declared at the Alice Project School. On that day one of our teachers found this girl with shining face. Her smile attracted him and out of curiosity he asked her, “How many marks did you get?” This is what she answered: ” Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!”

We are happy to inform you that this year also hundred percent of our students passed in the annual exams at the school level. While the students of class X and XII are going to complete their exams soon. We wish all the best to all our students.

Starting of the new session: On the 1st April the new session started with the prayers and morning assembly. Students and the teachers both were very enthusiastic. The students found new teachers and the teachers also found new students. Some of them changed the classrooms and therefore everything was very new for them.



Students during the morning assembly on the first day of the educational year

Construction of new laboratories for the students: We are very happy to share with you that the new laboratories for the senior high school students are under construction. We have planned to make three laboratories for them, the work has started and soon it will be completed.

Games at the School:  After the exams we organized games for our students, where students of all the classes participated in several games like race, long jump, high jump, slow race …… Actually, the reason why we organized these games at the school is very interesting.

Some of our friends, said that it seems that our students are good in studying and meditating, but what about games and other physical activities? Wonderful results were found out. We found that the practice of Yoga and meditation helped the students to be more aware and concentrate and they could easily get their goal. You can see here in the images how concentrate and happy they were.



Students participating in slow race and some others enjoying their time during the games

Alice project organizes a 5 kundiya Gayatri Maha yajna

” It was an incredible moment for me, unforgettable.” – Miss Ilaria Gambino

On 15th April 2017 Alice project organized a 5 kundiya Gayatri Maha Yajna (fire puja) for world peace, well being of all the sentient beings and universal brotherhood.

Under the guidance of the Acharyas from Gayatri Shakti Peeth this auspicious mantra was chanted for 125.000 times by all the students and the teachers of the schools which are run by the society, Universal Education School and Sarvbhaumik Shikshasharam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.

On this occasion the Acharya Mr. Bhardwaj ji, explained to the students about the values of traditional Gurukul system of teaching and the importance of performing the fire puja in the Guru’s Ashram. By this inspirational Bhajans and teachings he inspired everyone to keep mother earth and the environment clean.

We would like to inform you that the director of the society Mr. Valentino Giacomin has said this on many occasions that India, which has adorned itself as the Vishwaguru, already has the solution of all the modern crisis in itself. But because of following the western way of living we have lost the key of this treasure. And gradually we are getting far and far from our roots.

Only the spirituality is solution of all the of our sufferings. And by getting inspired of this Indian tradition Alice Project started the Gayatri Mantra Chanting retreat and established a Gaytari peeth  (a  temple  dedicated  to  Goddess  Gaytari)  in 2003.  From that  time continuously this mantra is being chanted uninterrupted by the students and the teachers of the project. Weekly fire puja is organized at the school, in which the students and the teachers participate                                   with great happiness. Miss. Ilaria Gambino, from Italy who is the in charge of the school was also participating this ceremony. For her it was the first time she participated in some program like this. She was very moved to see this. She said: “It was an incredible moment for me, unforgettable…I am feeling so fortunate…”


Teachers and students of Alice Project School during the fire puja

The residential students of Alice Project:  The residential students are doing well. 5 of them appeared in the board examinations this year. Three of them: Suneel, Masoom and Rinchen were in class X, while the other two Amar and Kappin were in class XII. After the exams they have the plan to go back to their villages to meet their parents and the family.



Different images of our Sarnath residential students during different activities at school

While other residentials also passed their classes with first division, all of them have been promoted. Some of them like Punyjoti and Karma Choizom, have been promoted to the Junior High school. Soman, Dolma, Junaki, and Chonga the, senior residential girls successfully promoted the class IX and now they are in class X.

Erika a volunteer:  Greetings from the school to Erika, a guest who wanted to know India living in contact with our students. She chose to explore the philosophy of Alice Project, teaching English and editing our books that have not been published yet: a precious and qualified contribution that enriches our catalog of new titles.



Erika (the first one on the left)                                                                     Samia (the first one on the left)

I learned more than what I taught here at Alice Project: After leaving Sarnath,

Erika sent us this inspiring message:

Only two weeks have passed since I left Alice School in Sarnath and I miss it so much. Teaching English as a volunteer in India has always been one of my dreams, but Alice Project gave me the opportunity to go beyond my expectations. I have seen independent children of different ages collaborating together, meditating and praying. I have seen them singing while preparing their food, laughing and enjoying simple things while here in Italy kids (and adults) have too much and don’t know how to appreciate life, be happy and grateful. There is an incredible need of exporting this method of education in the western world, where happiness and the important values have been lost, while materialism is overwhelming us and leading us to the wrong path. The kids of Alice Project taught me that you don’t have to look for love, you have to give love. If you give love, it will find you. Indeed they don’t take anything for granted. Today my love and thoughts go to those little girls and boys who can smile even though life is hard and sometimes unfair. I thank them for teaching me more than I could ever expect or I could learn from any books or from spoiled western fake friends. As someone said: “What you keep for yourself is lost. What you give is yours forever. It’s in giving that we receive”. Before going to India I felt like I did not fit in the world where I was born. Instead of complaining, I understood that the only thing you can do is helping to create a new one. Alice Project is the answer! It has changed my life and now I see everything from a different point of view. Would like to thank all the people working for Alice School (Yogendra, Ilaria, Judith, Luigina), the Principal and all the teachers (a special THANK YOU to the supportive and always positive Mr Sudhakar Prasad), for making me feel so welcome, loved and part of this big wonderful family. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you!                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Erika

The Alice Project thanks to Madam Samia for her help : We would also like to thank Madam Samia, a highly qualified psychotherapist and counselor from France, for her immense help and contribution to our school. She has been coming to our school for the last three years. This is her third visit. In all her visits she has worked with the school teachers, training them here in Sarnath and in Bodhgaya. We would like to thank her also for giving her precious time in counseling and giving suggestions to the students. The project will be very grateful for her contribution.


Teachers of Sarnath (left in the photos) and Bodghaya (on thr right) during the training of Madam Samia

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